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We all know the names Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Button, Räikkönen, Massa, Webber… The golden generation of the 21th century. They’ve already started leaving F1 and it’s won’t be the same without them.
But I’ve imagined the next generation… Hülkenberg, Magnussen, Ricciardo…and Jules. Whenever I saw him in Ferrari overall I was desperate to see him as their pilot. I’ve never been a Ferrari fan but with Jules… I could love something there.
Today is a cruel day. This shouldn’t have happened. No…never. I am shocked, worried, scared, confused…too many emotions to handle with. I don’t want to believe it. Jules…lovely little Jules… Who always have a beautiful smile on his face and his eyes are like melting chocolate. And that hilarious French accent, oh dear that always makes me laugh.
I saw Jules’ first race. And I want to see his last one but not now. Not like this… Mayba in 15 years after winning lots of races and championships.
I remember when he first made it into Q2… I was screaming like crazy, little Jules in Q2, little Jules in Q2, can you imagine?
And Monaco this year. First
Ever. Fucking. Points. Of. Marussia. Can’t find the right words to describe that feeling. I saw happy he was, the team how happy were, that smile on their face…priceless. Priceless. I live for moments like that one. It might have been only two points but it was worth a victory for Marussia. He made history that day.
I want to see that happy face again. I don’t want to imagine him in his current condition. He should be fighting for a Ferrari seat not his life. He’s only 25 damn it. I’m so scared… Uncertainity is the worst, I can’t keep calm and focus on other things… It’s the same like it was with Michael in December. I can’t do this again. I need him to be fine. I need him in F1, to win races and championships and kick everyone’s ass.
He’s in hospital and suffered severe head injury, yeah, I know. But I know something else. A head injury can’t stop a racer, the living proof is Mr Felipe Massa, great friend of Jules.
He left the track immediately after the race to see how Jules’s going. Respect Felipe. Every single driver did, though. When it matters, they can rely on each other and support their friend. They are all upset. So am I. It could’ve happened to anyone. Poor Adrian… I feel so sorry for him. Jens… Poor Jens, I just wanted to hug him when he cried. So did JEV. Fernando seemed shaken as well… Terrible.
Jules bae…you sweet little French Prince. Please fight. You are a fighter, a warrior who never gives up. Fuck it, you scored points with Marussia, nothing is impossible, you’ve shown that. Please, be fine, okay? I wish you a speedy recovery and am praying for you, you will win!!! #ForzaJules

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